How I started in DoTerra…

I had just been let go from working as a flight attendant for over 10 years. I had been through a lot in the past couple of years between hashing out family custody/court matters, a car that would not function and at one point broke down in the middle of a major highway on the way to work, multiple court ordered therapy sessions for my children and all the overall stresses of being a single mom going through one of the roughest times in my life for myself and my family.

I had a bad slip and fall in the summer of 2011 that put me out of work with whiplash and in physical therapy for almost two months. By early spring of 2012 I all of the sudden started having a series of migraines. I remember my first one because there is nothing like it … lights turned off, shutters or curtains closed in complete darkness, all sounds are LOUD even if they are soft, sleeping with ice packs on my head, upset stomach, feeling like my head will explode…. and it can last anywhere from one hour to over a week. My doctor put me on meds that made it worse not better and I thought I was going to go out of my mind. I did not react well to it. My first episodes were the week long kind that would knock me so hard and it would go in waves. Much of this was stress related by situational life experiences at that time. Being out of work for some of these inevitable life events took a toll on my work dependability to a job I loved and was good at when I was in good health. I would go to work with a smile on my face and it was my time to put all the stresses of my life to the side for a few hours while working at 38,000 feet taking care of the needs of others. I loved what I did and was proud to work for the airline I had given over 10 year experience to.

Due to the life stresses, missed time from work due to illness, court dates, car breaking down I eventually ended up being one day over the limit the airline allows its crew members to have time off and I was later released from my flying duties. It was a very hard blow that added even increased stress and added health issues. Severe depression, more frequent migraines, upper respiratory infections, flu, colds, sinus infection. My body was reflecting what was going on from the inside and it was not pretty. I could not afford cobra because it’s an unrealistic amount they ask you to pay for health care with what you get from unemployment if you’re lucky to even get unemployment. There went my health insurance to top it. I was sick a LOT for the months after my dismissal. I suffered from nightmares and every time I would see an airplane pass over head from my airline I would break down in a fit of tears and tried my best to hide it from my kids. It took an entire year not to tear up when I would see a plane fly overhead. I live 10 minutes from the airport I was based so sometimes the planes would fly so low you felt like you could reach out and touch them as they would pass over.

Over a year ago I was very sick after my loss of my job and my friend Helen whom I have known since high school who lives about 3 hours north of me came to visit in my area to teach a class on DoTerra and asked me to join her for this class. I said no I can’t make it I am really sick. She would not take no for an answer. Said it was more the reason I should come to the meeting. I was not allowed to use my illness as an excuse. She told me that she had an oil or oils that would help make me well. A common phrase used by members in the DoTerra community is “I have an oil for that” meaning there are healing properties to all our illnesses and conditions that can be helped by the assistance of all of these products. So I gathered myself feeling like complete crud and probably looked like a unmade bed I got in the car headed up PCH and the whole time grumbled to myself asking  “why am I doing this when I am sick can’t I do this later?” and “I don’t want to get involved in any pyramid type company after I watched my grandfather waste a lot of money into multiple multi-level companies with no success”. I think at the time what was worse than my physical illness was the mental/emotional stress and duress I was experiencing. I needed something to give me just a spark of hope. I just never thought I would find it in a bottle of oil.


Eventually my life took a change I am still coming to terms with is where do I go from here? What am I passionate about? I had the starting introduction to this company but was not ready to jump in with all feet first from the first introduction… it takes baby steps … like I would recommend anyone to do first is try the product to see if you if it works for you. If you have the same experiences I have had in using these essential oil products I am pretty sure you will quickly come to love the health benefits that come with it in a short amount of time.

My very first oil was very appropriate. Wild Orange – works as an antidepressant, proven antifungal, antibacterial, fights fatigue, diarretic,can be add a drop to water to help with acid reflux, and extremely aromatic. It can be ingested orally, used topically, aromatherapy, used in cooking and house hold cleaning products. The only caution with wild orange is if you put it on topically your skin can be sensative to sun for 12 hours. Wild Orange oil is expressed from peel of the orange and is a very high concentration making it very powerful like many other essential oils I will be discussing so proper usage is important just like with any medicines you would take or products you would use. Orange oil and many of the other DoTerra oils can be not only used for aromatherapy purposes but taken internally to cure common illness, can be used in recipes and you can cook with most of them, you can make your own remedies, bath products, ointments, and even use them for not only the aromatic purpose to simple and safe cleaners but to for the what purpose the oil can offer. I carried my little bottle around me everywhere like a security blanket. I would use it in my car to help when the kids got loud and distraction to my driving. If you have easy road rage, I never did but with added stress was not pleasant when driving I can recommend first hand you should put some of the oil on your air vents and when you turn your air on in your car will smell like fresh oranges and it smells so much better than any other non-natural man made air freshener that if it says “do not come in contact with skin” then you probably don’t want any of those fumes in your lunges. It is better for you to be breathing into your system as well as does wonders for your wellbeing not to mention helps keep the kids in the back seat calm and happy well.


I have found that the benefits I have received for myself and my children topped with a lack of health insurance for myself over the past year mixed with trying out these products has made me more passionate about DoTerra every day that I used it. I can say I have used myself as a sort of guinea pig in the experiment of how can certain oils help certain symptoms for myself or my children. Speaking of guinea pigs… I have two of them Burt Reynolds and Tarzan and recently I received my first oil diffuser (I love my oil diffuser!) and one of the first oils I put in was Wild Orange and my critters started chirping like nuts. They love oranges so they thought I was going to give them a treat and they were looking for it not understanding why the oranges are not in the cage. I am sure my “pigs” think I am a tease poor things.

With each blog I submit I will be adding a different DoTerra oil or product along with the personal experience, others experience and general product information that goes with it so you can better understand the overall function. Each oil is a marker in my own DoTerra journey and it will include everything from cold medicine remedies, how to cure pink eye, what helps ADD/ADHD, what stops seizures, how to make cleaners with the oils and what works for what, what oils stop depression and anxiety, what helps fight cancer cells and anti-aging… the list is so long I can’t put it all in my first blog but if you are willing to follow my blog I promise it will be well worth your time. In no way do I claim to be a doctor but I can speak from my personal experience, others experiences and what has been documented in the benefits of these products in the hopes that you may benefit from this information. I can attest that my road to personal life recovery for many of the life stresses I face, health issues minus health insurance for over a year I could not have done it without DoTerra. Not a single day goes by that I am not using these essential tools.

Breaking down my life to the basics …. is the same as to how I see many of the essential oils. All drugs come from the same plants all of these oils come from but you cannot patent a plant so the man-made fillers come into the mix thus causing us the side effects and other issues that come with it and continues the vicious cycle of having to increase the amount of drugs we take. One thing my ex-husband and I used to agree on was the drug commercials when it got to the part about “may cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, do not take if pregnant or wish to become pregnant, other gross side effects I don’t want to mention, etc. ….. But ask your doctor if this drug is right for you” Oh sure! where can I sign up?

In this I am my own guinea pig so all I can do is try it myself, tell you my results and offer my first hand knowledge. I think that is as good as any Doctor taking their own medicines.

Greta Jean 🙂

P.S. If you would be interested in learning more about this or other DoTerra products or wish to be added to a future learning class (some by skype will be available) please contact me at or contact me at (646)338-6477. You can also order online at

Some other great learning links are


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